Cindy Grosz: Why Defund Police Unions & Not Teacher’s Unions

It was a couple of months ago that New Yorkers were praising our law enforcement while public school teachers were the most ill prepared to educate students of all ages as everyone was in quarantine during the height of illness and death of COVID-19.

Suddenly social distancing vanished as millions peacefully protest and and a smaller number loot as a reaction to the murder of George Floyd.

Make no mistake, Floyd was murdered, and as the of the evidence becomes public, we will find out much more about Floyd’s death. If you follow Judge Jeannine Pirro, she has shared the most factual, honest information of what we all think. It was premeditated after two minutes, and therefore it should be a murder ONE case in front of a jury.

We don’t speak enough about the murders everyday of blacks in Chicago or the unprovoked murders of police officers attacked during their hours of service.

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